Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes, It Has Been Awhile

Once we started school and got busy with that (I teach), I just haven't made time for the blog. We've most definitely been trying to work on ways to save on our grocery budget. Everything else has gone up so much that it has become a necessity. So know even if I'm not posting about it much, I'm still working on ways to save.

I haven't been doing much couponing. We have enough toothpaste to last for the next 5 years (and I don't think I'm joking). I'm glad that I got all of the things that I did over the summer when time and money were available for it. I'm not having to purchase those things now which has meant more money for gas, electricity and of course, groceries.

Good luck with your grocery savings, and I hope to be posting more soon.


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