Thursday, March 12, 2009

Challenge of the Week

This week coming up I want to challenge any of you who are up to a challenge to go to the grocery store only once. After your initial shopping for the week, don't be caught "dead" in there again. I am slowing realizing that each trip I make back to the store for bread or milk or whatever quickly turns into $20, $30, $40 or more.

I will be doing my shopping for next week on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Then I am resolving not to go anymore for a whole seven days.

If you decide to take the challenge, let us know how it goes.

UPDATE: My week was horrible. I was in the grocery store three times due to unexpected illnesses in my household which required items that I didn't have and an unexpected chore which sent us to get convenience items. I am seriously considering undertaking some type of freezer meal cooking project just for those unexpected times when you really want to just go grab take-out. Let me know how you did. Hopefully, better than us. I think we spent more this week in groceries than in the last few months (just due to the number of trips we made).


  1. I am like that sometimes too, I go in and end up buying more than I actually need.

  2. Great challenge! I usually only go once per week...mostly because I don't have time to go again :-). But, planning my menu helps me remember to get everything for dinners and then I keep a list on the fridge to add items all week, so I won't forget.

  3. Two years ago I started shopping for 2 weeks at a time. It takes some planning, but it is well worth it. If I shop for 1 week at a time, I usually spend over $100. But if I shop for 2 weeks, I can keep it under $200. This includes other items such as shampoo, cleaners, . . . We do have to go back for bread & milk, but we usually do not need to get anythign else. I do account for eating out once a week when I make out the menu. And I HAVE to shop with a list & a calculator!