Thursday, July 2, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

Today for 5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday, I am listing things that we have been working on at our house in the kitchen.
  1. Store bought pickles - I made my first batch of old fashioned lime pickles on Wednesday - we have been paying $4.50 for a pint jar of these from a store we found in the mountains - I ended up with 10 pints - the ingredients cost me less than $7 (my neighbor gave us the cucumbers so all I had to buy was the lime and pickling spice - we already had enough vinegar and sugar) - saved us $38
  2. Canned tomatoes - we have put up several bags of tomatoes this week - I have decided to freeze them instead of putting htem in glass jars because I had too many go bad last fall
  3. Store bought eggs - our chicks have started to lay eggs (or at least a couple of them) - we had been getting 2-3 eggs a day - now we are getting 3-5 - and our rooster has started trying to crow (he sounds really sick but he is sooo cute)
  4. Appliances on the counter - how do I accumulate so much stuff on the counters and I have plenty of space in the cabinets
  5. Expired food - found way too much of this in the camper when I was cleaning out this week - I've got to devise a better plan for being sure that we eat this stuff up before it expires

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  1. I am always tickled to see that someone is canning!! Glad you tried the pickles...SO much better than storebought, aren't they? :)

    Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog to leave a name suggestion for our new calf. :) We're going to have a family vote to decide what to call her. LOL!

    Have a great week!