Saturday, February 28, 2009

More on Our Weekly Meal Plan

I forgot to mention yesterday why our weekly meal plan doesn't include breakfasts and lunches. Our son is in preschool and his breakfast and lunch are included in the price of his day at school. He usually eats both meals there. My husband and I usually just grab something quick and easy (cereal, frozen waffles, eggs and toast). I teach school so I do eat there occasionally as well.

Lunches for my husband and I are made up of leftovers from the night before. We both fix a plate after supper for the next day's lunch. This cuts down on leftovers that just grow green things later in the week (I always say I have such a green thumb when it comes to the frig). It also cuts out those daily trips to the unhealthy fast food joints. That's just too pricey for us.

I also buy a bag of frozen burritos and some lunch meat when we need it. This gives us something to grab for lunch if we want something different from last night's leftovers or if there weren't enough leftovers to make two extra meals.

Next year, when my little one starts kindergarten I will have to come up with some better ideas for handling breakfast. His breakfast and lunch will just be too expensive to buy at school everyday. I'll save the lunchroom for days that we couldn't get everything together or if I think it would be best for him to have a hot meal. The main reason that I am choosing not to allow him to eat in the school lunchroom is because I have worked at that particular school and know that the food from the lunchroom is not very good. The preschool where he is now has a wonderful kitchen staff and they prepare the food fresh and try to keep it that way. That isn't the case at the K-8 school.

I'd love to hear how other working moms fit breakfast into their mornings. Any shortcuts or tips?


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