Friday, February 20, 2009

Tip: Check the International Foods Aisle

This week I needed some flour tortillas for breakfast burritos. I have been purchasing those from the dairy case but I happened to go down the international foods aisle (or portion of an aisle as it is) and found flour tortillas there. I was surprised to find that these were not only a good bit cheaper than those found in the dairy case, but the package contained many more tortillas.

I've also noticed on past visits that some spices sold in this aisle are much cheaper than those name brand ones that come in the little shakers. The spices that I have used from the international foods section have been quality spices and added the same flavors as those more expensive ones.

Check it this aisle on your next grocery shopping venture. Acquaint yourself with the items that are available there so when you need that item you can comparison shop.


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