Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strategy: Refrigerator Organization

Our refrigerator has helped us save grocery money. How you may ask? Well, in the organization of course.

Something I read somewhere got me thinking about organizing my refrigerator to give me easy access to everything that needed to be cooked during that week. I have a shelf for leftovers which reminds us to eat them. I have a shelf for breakfast items which keeps us on track with using up breakfast items for the week. I have a dairy shelf so I can quickly see when I am running out of sour cream or butter. We keep vegetables in the drawers which are see through.

I continue this in the freezer. My refrigerator is a side by side which means that I have various shelves. Again, there is a shelf for the frozen meat for this week. There's a shelf for the vegetables and side items which reminds us again to use these up. There's a shelf for breakfast items here as well. Then of course, there's a shelf for the ice cream and other items that we want access to during the week but that don't necessarily make up the meals.

Having easy access to the foods that we intend to eat during the week keeps us on track with our meal plan and grocery budget.

As a side note, I do have another freezer in my laundry room where I keep meat/vegetables that I have found on sale or the meat that we have had butchered from my husband's hunting expeditions. This has allowed me to use the refrigerator freezer for only the week's items.

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