Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

Here are my 5 Things I Can Live Without for this Thursday.
  • Internet coupons that don't print correctly - I lost 2 this week by a printer jam and by not getting the bar code printed on it for some reason - then you can't get back to it to print again once the limit is reached
  • cleaning out the refrigerator - I have put this off so long that I'm growing more than science experiments. I think I have enough mold growing in there to provide antibiotics to a small, third world country
  • washing all those dishes after cleaning out the frig. Don't you hate this part? I think this is why I put if off so long. My mother-in-law used to invite over for dinner and as I was washing up the dishes she would clean out the frig. I thought those dishes would never end.
  • thinking of all the money I have wasted in the last year on groceries that spoiled
  • containers that don't have lids - am I the only one who can never find the lid to the container that I have just put leftovers in? I know it was there yesterday. It fell out of the cabinet on me.

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