Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Menu Plan for May 31 - June 6

We didn't stick too close to our menu plan for last week. Lots of changes were made to our week and we just rolled along with them. I decluttered my freezer space inside today, so I now know what I have available for us in these locations. I am going to try to spend very little this week and eat some of the things that we already have. I have seen numerous posts lately about eating out of the freezer and pantry, and this needs to be done at our house - to save money and the food that is getting older.

Here are the plans for the week:

Sunday - eat out (Mexican Restaurant) - my husband took us out to eat since I was still not feeling well and he's cooked all weekend so he was ready for a break, too

Monday - Fried, cubed pork chops, leftover field peas with okra, boiled new potatoes

Tuesday - Chicken and yellow rice, sweet pickles, cabbage slaw

Wednesday - Pancakes and sausage

Thursday - Crockpot roast and potatoes (I may buy some carrots for this and may not), collards (from the garden), yeast rolls

Friday - Chicken with fettucine and peppers, fried okra, garlic toast

Saturday - Chicken strips, sweet potato fries, corn on cob

For breakfasts this week, we will alternate between oatmeal, sausage biscuits, cereal, and eggs, toast and grits. Lunches will consist of sandwiches with soup or salad and leftovers.

To see other menu ideas, visit Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

Also, plan to join in with my new meme this Thursday at my declutter blog, 5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday.

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  1. What a yummy looking menu!
    Have a great week!