Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Salsa Recipe Saves Us Money BUT...

My husband loves salsa and making it at home has been a big money saver for us! Our recipe is better than any of the jarred stuff we have found in the grocery store, but we eat out (probably more than we should) at our local Mexican restaurant and would love to be able to make salsa like that at home. The only thing we have been able to get out of them is that it is made with canned tomatoes. Here is our recipe (which seems to me to be missing something). Any idea what? Don't get me wrong. This recipe is good but it just seems to lack something and I can't put my finger on it.

1 can of diced tomatoes (plain)
1 can of diced tomatoes with green chiles
Jalapeno pepper rings (from the pickle aisle) - usually 5-8 - depending on how hot he wants it
Fresh cilantro
Garlic powder or minced garlic - cover the top with the powder or a good Tbsp of the minced kind
Lemon pepper seasoning - probably 2 tsps
Salt and pepper to taste

We put all of the ingredients in the blender and blend away. Then salt to taste.

By the way, my husband loves the salsa, but I love the guacamole. Any of you have a wonderful recipe for that?

I have linked this post up the Tempt My Tummy, so head on over for more recipes.


  1. I have a great salsa recipe, I will try to post it this week.

    Guacamole: simplest is mash an avocado, add lemon juice and minced garlic. You can add sour cream and/or chopped onions.

  2. Thanks so much. I'll be looking for it.

  3. My salsa recipe has fewer ingredients, but it has two that you're not using: raw onion and lime juice. Might either of those be what you're looking for?

  4. I've got to make some more in the next day or so and I'll try adding those two and see. Thanks for the info.

  5. Did you try the modified salsa recipe? How did it turn out?

  6. I did add onion and lemon juice (since I didn't have a lime). It was good and the onion did add some more flavor.