Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frustrated with Our Stores!!

I am so frustrated today. I went to our local Piggly Wiggly to buy a few items that were on sale through today. I had done my research and gotten my Internet coupons printed only to learn that they don't accept Internet coupons. I wanted to shout, "Could you just move into the 21st century, please?" I had already found out a week or so ago that our local Dollar General Store also doesn't accept these coupons. So I am so frustrated. I have wasted my time researching the sales, wasted more time printing the applicable coupons, and wasted my time shopping in their store. ARGH!!!!

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there any recourse for this? I know they don't accept any of the coupons from the card that you refill. They probably haven't even heard of such.

Don't get me wrong. I love the internet coupons because I can search for what I want that I know is on sale and then just print as needed. I think this store is really missing out on getting some good deals for their customers. I really don't feel as though I can just say I'll never return to that store. Driving elsewhere would cost me more than the coupons would save me AND THEY KNOW IT!!

Thanks for listening to me vent. I'm through now. Until the next time I run up on this and then I'll be frustrated again.


  1. I agree totally with this. So many manufacturers are sending me their coupons via e-mail and then the stores won't take them. Doesn't make sense.

  2. Well, it's probably a good thing that you don't want to stop using the store. That gives you motivation to negotiate with the store, and them motivation to find some kind of satisfactory resolution for you. You could try writing to Piggly-Wiggly corporate offices and expressing your disappointment and offering a solution. My guess is that this isn't company wide policy, but maybe individual store policy? So have your store's number and location. If it is company wide policy, maybe you will be the one to encourage them to change it! :) Good luck. I got really frustrated when my local grocery wouldn't accept printed coupons and stopped using them for awhile. Then I learned that it had just been a disgruntled cashier who didn't like using them.