Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

Here are my 5 Things I Can Live Without for this Thursday that deal with groceries and grocery savings.

  1. vegetables and fruits that go bad in the refrigerator before we can use them - I thought I had a pretty good system for using these up but I cleaned out the refrigerator on Wednesday and found quite a few items that had rotted and were no longer useful
  2. expired coupons - wouldn't it be great if they never expired? - it seems that when an item goes on sale, my coupon has just expired - is that happening to anyone else?
  3. freezer burn - we bought 1/2 a cow last year and the remaining hamburger meat has gotten freezer burned - ugh!!
  4. stale potato chips - my 5 year old never seems to close them back up - I think I may need to just invest in individual bags or separate the big bag into ziplocs when we bring it home
  5. watermelon rind - we have been enjoying watermelons so much here lately - wouldn't it be nice if the rind was just as juicy and sweet as the rest of it?


  1. I am in complete agreement on #'s 1, 2, and 5

    The funny thing is I dropped a piece of watermelon rind on the floor under the table and didn't realize it. The next day my 17 month old found it and started eating it! It must have been good because he was furious when I took it out of his mouth and threw the rest away!

  2. I keep wanting to try watermelon rind pickles, must be something good to do with that rind!