Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly Menu Plan for June 21-27

This week's menu will be some of the same things from last week as we didn't get all of those eaten. My stepsister and her family were visiting my father and we went to see them a couple of times which interrupted our regular dinner meal. This week should be more on track.

I'd also like to say that I have been getting lots of great ideas for breakfast and lunch from the others who are participating in the Menu Plan Monday. I was reminded last week of quite a few things that we hadn't eaten in awhile. I want to start planning all three meals since I am out of school for the summer. I think this will keep us from running up town to the local restaurant or fast food place. Swimming lessons and vacation bible school are all over, so now we can start working on more of a routine for our day.

Anyway, here's our dinner plans for this week:

Sunday - Turkey, bacon wraps
Monday - Grilled chicken breasts, corn on cob, salad
Tuesday - Roast, gravy and vegetables, rolls, jello salad
Wednesday - Fried fish, cheese grits, coleslaw
Thursday - Salisbury steak, rice, peas and okra
Friday - Fresh pork roast, macaroni and cheese, leftover vegetables
Saturday - Taco salad with fresh salsa

See Organized Junkie for more menu ideas for this week.

Update: I added the link to the turkey-bacon wraps. I got this recipe from last week's Menu Plan Monday and we have eaten them for lunch and dinner. They are really good!


  1. MMM! Wednesday is my kind of dinner. I have been craving fried fish and coleslaw...

  2. Your menu looks good and reminds me I love a good wrap- have to make some soon. The taco salad too. YUM.

  3. Looks delish. Thanks for stopping by! And what are bacon wraps?? I am intrigued...