Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Money Saving Monday

What are we doing this week to save money on our grocery bill? Well, this week will be easier in some respects and harder in other. We are really busy this week with swimming lessons and vacation bible school. The easy part is that since we are camping out, we will have to keep to our menu (since that is what we'll have). The hard part is that I have to be really, really organized and be sure that we have everything we need so we don't have to make extra runs to the grocery store. I still think one of the best grocery savings techniques is to stay out of the grocery store.

So here are my goals for this week:

  1. One trip and only one trip to the grocery store

  2. Buy only what is on the grocery list and only put things on the list that are necessary for this week

  3. Plan meals around food that we already have

  4. Use real plates (stop buying the paper plates - even for the camper)

  5. Decrease paper towel usage - this has been hard for me - I can use a roll a day. We've purchased cloth napkins and more dish cloths which has helped, but I need to try even more to limit our dependence on these. They are so expensive!!

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  1. I stopped buying paper towels over a year ago. It was a hard thing to not buy and now when I'm in houses that have them they seem very I think once you cut back or stop buying them you'll see it truly is a waster of money... in my opinion. Good luck this week. I'll check back to see what a great job you did of pulling it off!


  2. I don't want to give up using paper towels completely! I have pets so there are messes I would just as soon put in the trash!

    I would like to limit my use to just those types of messes and use rags for everything else. That would help with the cost and use of paper towels in my house.